Simple DIY planters Idea

Since Spring has sprung, I have been feeling like my house is in need of some life and so I decided to buy some house plants. ( I went with Cacti because I figured they needed the least amount of attention) I searched and searched for the perfect planters and couldn’t find them. So naturally, I decided to make my own. I bought this set of three wooden planters at Michael’s craft and chose three colors. Right now, I am really into the corally orange-ish red color, so I got that, a lime green and a turqouise. (also a darker blue for an accent color).

¬†I repainted them about three times until I kind of got something I liked- I still wasn’t sure about them until I put the cacti in the planters and then I thought the simple and rustic designs kind of went well with the cacti. Painting the cacti planters made me want to branch out a little. So, I bought another plant (this one requires more attention- so we will see how long it lasts ūüė¶ )

my life list pt. 1

Due to certain recent depressing and drastic circumstances in my life over the last few days(which I wont even bring up here in my happy place…but if you want to feel better about your life…go here: I have decided come up with an ever growing list of things i want to do…I wouldn’t call it a bucket list, b.c they aren’t all things I want to do before i die; they are all things ¬†I want to do to live a happier and fulfilling life. This is what i was up working on all night since I cant sleep (due to those depressing and drastic circumstances mentioned earlier): the first page of my ¬†little “life list”:

(although I am trying to think of a better name for it) I thought my artist friends might enjoy this…Does anyone else have a “bucket list” or a life list of things they want to do soon? ¬†I would love to hear them! ¬†(and not only b.c. I can add them to my list).

If I was more organized (That day will never come) I would love to do artistic journaling- but my life and my (lack of) organization skills tends to make my most recent journal entries scribbled words and to do lists. Not so inspiring.


“The only people for me are the¬†MAD¬†ones,¬†the ones

who are mad to live,
mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of 

everything at the same time,       
the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing


but burn, burn, burn,

like fabulous yellow roman candles 

exploding¬†like spiders across the stars.”¬†
                                                                                                                                                     jack kerouac

¬†“Very Yellow Handmade Spiral Paper Flowers” $3.00 by crazy2becrazy ¬†
¬†“Lemon Heart Yellow Stems” $24.00 by SewnNatural¬†
¬†“Winged” Fine Art Print $67.00 by bbrunophotography
¬†“Sunny Yellow Bird on Branch” $16.00 by laurellane¬†
¬†“Eco Friendly Ceramic Yellow Coffee Travel Mug” $25.00 by sewZenski
¬†“Paris Photo Collection” 5 x 5 $45.00 by littlebrownpen
¬†“The Canary Dress” $425.00 by Holly Stalder
¬†“Dahlia Wall Mural” $99.00 by LeoLittleLion
“reversible grey scarf with a lime stripe” $35.00 by karlita